Township of Muskoka Lakes Council addressed two issues of great concern to residents at their meeting on May 15th.

1. Special Events on Private Property: TML Council amended the Special Events Permit By-law, making it apply to large outdoor special events on private property. The By-law previously only applied to special events on public property.

It’s great to see TML Council taking action to help ensure large outdoor events on private property are safe for guests and protect the ability of neighbours and other residents to safely access and enjoy their properties.

The MLA sent this letter and MLA President and FOM board member, Susan Eplett, made these comments at the May 15th Council meeting supporting the by-law amendment.

2. Flood Control Triggers: TML Council passed a resolution asking the Province to review and amend the spring water levels that will trigger flood controls in the Muskoka River Water Management Plan (“MRWMP”). These trigger levels are a key mechanism to help prevent the flooding that we have seen in recent years.

Since 2013, the MLA has been working on behalf of our entire community to better understand how flooding can be controlled in Muskoka and to advocate for updating the MRWMP to reflect climate change and current conditions. This MLA letter to TML Council explains their position on the urgency to act.