Vote ONLINE to keep Muskoka, MUSKOKA

Respect. Protect. Preserve.

Pass it on…


Do you care about the quality of the lake water?

Do you care about the amount of blasting and tree cutting along the waterfront….like on Sugarloaf Island on Lake Joseph?

Do you care about disruption from short term cottage rentals?

Do you care about your municipal tax bill?

Do you care about garbage collection and road maintenance? 

Councils make decisions that touch your lives in many important ways and can have lasting, negative implications

Help protect Muskoka and the environment for all generations  

REGISTER, VOTE, OCTOBER 17 – 24, 2022  

We can vote ONLINE – It’s EASY!!

Who can vote?  Likely you can!  Canadian citizens and their spouses can vote in every municipality in Ontario where they own or rent property, so you and your spouse can both vote at your home and also at your cottage.

Register on the Voters’ List NOW – You must be registered to vote. If your Muskoka tax bill shows you and your spouse as owners, you are on the voters’ list. If not, call MPAC 1-866-296-6722 or visit to register.  After July 31, call your local municipal clerk.

Vote October 17 – 24   Registered voters receive (at your permanent address) voting instructions and PIN numbers in September. Voting will only be by telephone or online. 

Sign up at to receive information on the election, voting and candidates


         Telephone and online voting October 17 – 24