Overwhelming Support for Muskoka’s Future!!

Thanks to all the people who voted to protect the future of Muskoka, the candidates who are aligned with the core values of Friends of Muskoka and the MLA now form a majority on four of Muskoka’s municipal councils: 

(Official results are here.)
Mayor – Phil Harding*
Ward A
– Ruth Nishikawa*, District Councillor
– Donelda Hayes* and Glenn Zavitz*, Councillors
Ward B
– Allen Edwards*, District Councillor
– Gord Roberts* and Susan Mazan*, Councillors
Ward C
– Frank Jaglowitz*, District Councillor
– Barb Bridgeman* and Peter Kelley*, Councillors

(Official results are here.)
Mayor – Ann MacDiarmid*
Ward 1 Councillor – Daryle Moffatt*
Ward 2 Councillor – Art Coles*
Ward 3 Councillor – Rod Osborne
Ward 4 Councillor – Terry Fellner*
Ward 5 Councillor – Ted Collins*
Ward 6 Councillor – Gail Finnson*

TOWN OF GRAVENHURST 6/7 + 2 acclaimed
(Official results are here.)
Mayor – Paul Kelly (acclaimed)
District Councillors
–  John Gordon*
–  Heidi Lorenz*
–  Sandy Cairns*
Ward 1 Councillor – Penny Varney*
Ward 2 Councillor – Joanne Morphy*
Ward 3 Councillor – Steven Klinck (acclaimed)
Ward 4 Councillor – Terry Pilger*
Ward 5 Councillor – Graeme Murray

TOWN OF BRACEBRIDGE 4/7 + 2 acclaimed
(Official results are here.)
Mayor – Graydon Smith*
District and Town Councillors
– Don Smith*
– Rick Maloney*
– Steven Clement*
Councillor (Bracebridge Ward) – Chris Wilson
Councillor (Monck/Muskoka Ward) – Mark Quemby
Councillor (Macaulay Ward) – Andrew Struthers
Councillor (Draper Ward) – Archie Buie (acclaimed)
Councillor (Oakley Ward) – Barb McMurray (acclaimed)

*Aligned Candidates who support the published core values of Friends of Muskoka and the MLA, and our supporters and members. We did not interview candidates in Huntsville, Lake of Bays or Georgian Bay.