The Township of Muskoka Lakes is updating their Sewage System Maintenance Re-inspection Program and have created a survey to hear what the public has to say.

The proposal creates a risk level classification for properties containing a private on-site sewage disposal system, as well as details on the frequency of inspections and the responsibility for doing inspections.

The current sewage inspection program involved seasonal township staff doing inspections and they inspect approximately 500 properties each year. Any issues are addressed by seasonal staff or the township’s Sewage Inspector.

Under the proposed program the requirement, frequency and responsibility for an inspection will depend on the classification of a system as low, moderate or high risk.

In summary:

  • A low risk system (less than 10 years old, or on a property not abutting a navigable waterway) will not be inspected.
  • A moderate risk system (between 10 and 30 years old and on a property abutting a waterbody without water quality concerns) will be inspected by TML staff every 15 years.
  • A high risk system (utilizing steel tanks, no record on file, greater than 30 years old, or on a property abutting a waterbody with water quality concerns) will be inspected every 5 years by a qualified inspector hired by the property owner.

The MLA and Friends of Muskoka encourage you to review the proposal and complete the survey, given the importance of effectively operating sewage systems to the health of our lakes. The survey closes on February 17, 2022.