We have been notified by the Muskoka Township that they will not be reviewing the Villas application until further notice.

The developers of the Villas are challenging the Township of Muskoka Lakes’ jurisdiction directly to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

We are encouraged by this news because we believe this removes the political pressure from the Township and positions the Villas application as a legal issue with the OMB – which our lawyers and planners believe is the best outcome.

We also believe that moving the Villas application to the OMB is good news because this will delay the sale of any residential units until this issue is resolved. These delays will allow us time to continue raising awareness to the communities of Muskoka and mount more political pressure to ensure that Muskoka is developed sustainably.

We will provide a complete explanation and next steps with the Villas application and updates on Touchstone, Legacy Cottages and other applications in the near future.

Thanks for your continued support – we are making a difference.

Friends of Muskoka