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We want to keep our shores treed and our lakes clean for our kids and grandkids

Between sewage spills, increased boat traffic and the relentless attempts of some developers to build high-density waterfront residential subdivisions and overdevelop cottage properties, our lakes are reaching their limit. It’s time to push back. The fact is, we can stop bad planning.

Protecting our shorelines requires strong and enforceable policy and bylaws. Ambiguous rules are open to interpretation and abuse.

Friends of Muskoka is working with the Township of Muskoka Lakes on their new Official Plan which will guide land use planning and development in the Township for the next decade. FOM President, Laurie Thomson, was appointed to the TML Official Plan Review Working Group, advising Township planners and consultants. Working hand in hand with the MLA and other lake associations, we are also providing input to various by-law changes to encourage fair and reasonable by-laws that will protect Muskoka.

Click here to see our recent submissions on Official Plan Policy and By-laws.

Thank you to all our supporters who attended and spoke at Council meetings, filled in surveys, wrote emails and attended working sessions. There will be more opportunities for public input and we will let you know so your voice can be heard. More information is provided on the Township website. Check out our events. Subscribe to our Waves Newsletter for the latest updates.

We want everyone to play by the same rules

We already have long-standing density limits on waterfront residential development – and that’s a good thing because sensible limits protect lake health. But limits are pointless if no one’s paying attention. Municipal authorities must insist on enforcement.

Here’s what you can do now

Tell your councillor to speak up about overdevelopment. Writing an email or filling out a survey is easy. Check out our current email campaigns and surveys here. You can also attend important meetings − see our events page. And donate! It helps us cover the costs of advocating on your behalf.