Paul explains the “switcheroo” to the District PEDC:

“Let’s look at the switcheroo. Legacy applied for a site plan approval. It was applied for in September 2017 and granted. Let me read you one of the clauses that they agreed to in writing and signed. ‘The owner further agrees and acknowledges that the zoning of the subject property is commercial and any use of the property and buildings must be 100% commercial in nature and be available to the traveling and vacationing public. Buildings are not permitted to be used for residential purposes.’ Dated in September 2017.

Who was this signed by? Signed by Owner, John Mullinbacher. But something’s funny here. Here we have a publication advertising the Legacy development that came out in June/July 2017 and not one word about being anything but residential. No mention about a rental pool. No mention of anything but residential. These are residential units. But here we have a statement ‘must be available to the traveling public’, signed by the owner in September. This is what we call the old switcheroo, and this switcheroo happened months before the signature of the property owner, guaranteeing availability to the traveling and vacationing public.”