The results are in!

On October 24, 2022, new Councils were elected across Ontario.

Our goal was to elect individuals to 4 Councils in Muskoka who prioritize responsible development, environmental protection and strong fiscal management….and WE SUCCEEDED!

Muskoka Election 2022 Successful Endorsed Candidates Acclaimed Candidates
Muskoka Lakes 7/7 3
Gravenhurst 6/8 1
Bracebridge 3/8 1
Seguin 2/4 3

This is an excellent outcome.

Thank you to all candidates who took the time to run for office in Muskoka. The love for Muskoka was clear from the number of candidates that ran.  Congratulations to all the elected and acclaimed candidates. We look forward to working with all members of Council in the coming years. 

Thanks to everyone who voted and, especially to our committed volunteers who worked tirelessly to get out the vote.

Detailed election results here:
Muskoka Lakes