Maclean’s Magazine has profiled the massive destruction on Sugarloaf Island in this July 10th article entitled “Trouble in Paradise: A Toronto Real Estate Developer is Building a Mansion on Muskoka’s Exclusive Lake Joseph – and the Neighbours are Doing Whatever They Can to Stop It”.  

The article describes the May 2021 petition started by Roger Oatley, a retired lawyer and Muskoka cottager.  Mr. Oatley’s petition,  “Council must compel remediation of Sugarloaf Island”,  now has over 4,300 signatures.

The article notes that the property owner, Joe Azouri, has been charged with contravening the Township’s tree conservation and site alteration by-laws and pre-trials are set to begin in November 2022. But construction continues because the Township was unable to revoke the approved building permits.  To stay updated on this project as it progresses, sign the petition at the link above.