Here is important information on remaining flood related hazards and assistance. For the latest information and additional resources, please visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes website here.

Debris – Township officials are encouraging residents and contractors to help collect floating debris in the water. Any large items that are floating or rested on shore/property, please attempt to secure, if safe, and contact the Township office at 705-765-3156 for help removing.

Sandbags – Sand bag drop off depots are available at the Glen Orchard Yard (3951 Muskoka Road 169), Patterson Yard (1078 Raymond Road) and Ranwood Yard (1158 Ranwood Road) during the recovery phase. Any resident in need of support for the removal of sand bags, please call the township office at 705-765-3156 for assistance.  

Water – If you have been affected by flooding and your water has been contaminated, please contact the Trinity All Saints Church at 705-641-8787 for bottled drinking water, generously donated by Ice River Springs and Chantler Transport.

Residents are advised that properties in flooded areas using well or lake/river water should assume the water is not potable. Municipal water sources are not affected. Water testing kits are available for pick up at the municipal office. The bottles once filled can be dropped off at a Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit office location for delivery to the Public Health Laboratory. 

Business Assistance – In order to assist businesses impacted by flooding, Muskoka Futures has launched a Flood Recovery Loan program.  This assistance will provide up to $25,000 at 0% interest for 2 years for businesses impacted by flooding. Funds are available to assist businesses with deductibles, inventory, infrastructure, equipment and operating costs, or other costs identified by businesses. For all program details and applications, please visit

Navigation – Navigation restrictions remain in place by Transport Canada for Lake Muskoka, Moon River, and North and South Muskoka River. Navigation by non-emergency vessels is strictly prohibited. Individuals who can only access their property by boat are exempted from the Interim Order and other restrictions for the purpose of going to and from their property. Property managers and contractors are exempted from the Interim Order for the purpose of going to and from property on behalf of property owners. If citizens must use a waterway to access a property, they are urged to navigate at as slow a speed as possible.

Disaster Recovery Assistance – Township officials are currently working with the Province of Ontario on Disaster Recovery Assistance for residents of Muskoka Lakes. If activated by the province, the Disaster Recovery Program helps cover emergency expenses and costs to repair or replace essential property for individuals (primary residence), small owner-operated businesses and farms, and not-for-profit organizations. Residents are encouraged to contact your insurance provider to determine level of coverage. It is best practice to photograph all damage throughout the emergency, and record/keep all receipts related to damage and clean up.

Electrical Safety –  To ensure safety when re-entering your property/dwellings/structures after the flood follow the safety instructions from the Electrical Safety Authority available on their website. If power has been disconnected to your property, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will be required to inspect the property prior to hydro being restored.  
Please NOTE: Any electrical devices, plugs, heaters, furnaces, pumps have been flooded, will require an electrician to service it before the inspector is called.  To find a licensed electrical contractor, search the ESA website.
Visit the ESA website for tips to prepare to have your power restored.  Please call for an inspection when you are ready to have power restored Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) 1-877-372-7233.  

Building Inspections and Permits:
Residents affected by flooding that are in need of a building inspection are encouraged to contact 705-765-3156 and leave a message with your property address, nature of your issue (septic or structure) and when someone would be available on site to meet staff once the water has receded. Building Officials will work with property owners on their needs and possible expedited permits.

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