Election 2022

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Your vote is crucial – and it’s online!

On October 24, be sure to vote. It’s the most important thing we can do as a community to protect the future of Muskoka. This year voters will be able to cast their vote online or by telephone.

Your councillor is your voice on council

If you are a strong advocate for protecting Muskoka, your councillor should be too. Be sure that your vote goes to someone who prioritizes responsible development, environmental protection and strong fiscal management.

What do we believe our councillors should fight for?

  • No more excessive tree clearing and blasting
  • No more residential subdivisions on our shorelines – 27 km of Muskoka shoreline are at risk without strong resort  development policies
  • Protect water quality for swimming and drinking
  • Promote watershed management to mitigate flooding
  • Effective by-law enforcement
  • Responsible and transparent budgets and taxation
  • Promote a year-round economy, with high-speed internet and affordable housing
  • Address irresponsible short term rentals
  • No conflicts of interest

Take a stand for Muskoka

Cottage owners, their spouses and renters will be able to vote on-line or by phone. You must be 18+ years old and a Canadian citizen. You may vote in more than one municipality in Ontario where you own property. You must be registered to vote. Click below to learn more about the upcoming election.

Want to be on Council?
Let’s talk

If you feel passionate about the issues and wish to speak up, perhaps you would like to run for Council. Mayor and Councillor are paid positions, although there is a significant element of public service. Prospective councillors need not be full-time residents in the municipality they plan to represent.

If you are considering running for office, let’s talk.