Although few in number, excessively loud boats are a problem and you can help do something about it!

The current regulations are too difficult for the police to enforce so the problem continues unchecked. The solution is to establish maximum decibel limits for boat motor noise.

The Decibel Coalition is an initiative of Safe Quiet Lakes, and has succeeded in putting decibel limits on Transport Canada’s agenda. It is crucial that Transport Canada hears from as many people as possible through their “Lets Talk” web portal, which closes on May 13th. It is also important that our politicians support decibel limits.

Friends of Muskoka made this submission to Let’s Talk on April 27th, supporting decibel limits for boat motor noise.

But numbers matter, so please help support decibel limits for boat motor noise by taking just a few minutes to do these two things.

1. Go to the Transport Canada Let’s Talk web page before May 13th and answer Question #5 using the following text as a guide:

Question 5: What do you think about introducing performance standards for manufacturers, importers and vessel operators to follow? These standards would make sure vessels don’t exceed certain decibel limits.

Suggested response:

  • Option #5 is the only proposal that can realistically address excessive boat motor noise levels for both new and existing vessels.
  • They must be accompanied by internationally recognized decibel limits and efficient and effective enforcement procedures
  • Performance standards for manufacturers, importers and vessel operators will create clear, easy to understand, objective standards with decibel limits consistent with the USA and the EU.
  • Compliance costs for manufacturers and importers are minimal
  • Enforcement costs are low and are much lower than the current the regulations

(Feel free to answer questions 1-4 and 6 if you like, but the solution in question 5 is the only one that will work effectively to reduce excessive boat motor noise in Canada.)

2. Email your MP

Write to your federal MPs for both your cottage and permanent residence, asking them to support regulations for decibel limits on boat motor noise.

Click here and the email will be generated for you after putting in some basic information – and you can edit it as you like, including what lake you are on, and describing how excessively loud boats affect you.

Thanks for your help!