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Everything we love about Muskoka is threatened by over-development

The environmental legacy we leave for future generations to inherit, starts with us. For more than 150 years, our clean, clear and peaceful lakes have been the primary attraction that brings people to Muskoka. Without immediate and meaningful action, the character of the Muskoka lakes will change. And not in a good way. We as a community must push back hard to stop bad planning from permanently damaging our lakes.

Friends of Muskoka is a group of dedicated volunteers who came together in 2017 to oppose residential subdivisions at waterfront resorts in Muskoka. We work to protect and preserve the natural environment and unique character of Muskoka by promoting responsible use and development of its land and lakes. To address the increasing threat of development, we must put a stop to residential subdivisions and irresponsible development on the waterfront in Muskoka. Achieving that goal means enshrining sustainable development in the Municipal and District Policy and By-laws .

We believe Muskoka’s environment is Muskoka’s economy. Millions of people come to Muskoka and invest here thanks to the clean water and natural, treed shorelines. Our lakes, forests and rivers are a resource that can drive Muskoka’s economy for generations to come if we put the environment first.

Our members and supporters are cottagers, local residents, business owners, responsible developers and other lovers of Muskoka.


Don Lang*, Chair
Laurie Thomson*, President
Paul Richards*, Vice-President
Ken Pearce*, Secretary
Janet Griffin*, Treasurer
Jordan Richards*, Communications

Susan Eplett*
Frank Pottow*
Jonas Prince*
Geoffrey Genovese
Frank Tkach
Brock Napier

*Board Members 


Protecting our shorelines

Unmanaged shoreline development threatens the very nature of Muskoka. We hope to end irresponsible lakefront development – and leave a legacy for future generations.

Stopping Residential Subdivisions at Resorts

The paradise we know as Muskoka is being threatened by residential subdivisions masquerading as resorts. Let’s work together to preserve and protect Muskoka.

Having a voice in local elections

The 2022 Municipal Election is an opportunity to be heard. Help elect councillors that prioritize responsible development.

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